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Podtoid Animation

2013-05-15 12:40:06 by Mr-No-Name

I'm helping out Thomas Truong to complete the second episode of The New Adventures of Podtoid, and so far so good.

Here's the original episode that Thomas animated by himself:

I'll post the full second episode here when it's done.

Cause networking socially is great achievement of Kim Il Sung.

I, like, made a page and stuff.

Edd Gould Collab

2012-03-29 16:24:58 by Mr-No-Name

Starting a collaboration in tribute to Edd Gould

Accepting anything from flash animations, to songs, to drawings, to written works like poems.

Read the whole forum post here:

New Movie Out!!! Pokepunk!

2012-02-17 14:21:08 by Mr-No-Name

My new flash animation, Pokepunk, is up right now!!!

Check it out!

Also, check out the youtube version!

New Movie Out!!! Pokepunk!

I don't have any news.

2011-04-10 00:08:14 by Mr-No-Name

So here is a picture of a fancy penguin.

I don't have any news.

I'll begin with the good news.

I finished the TSA PSA and have submitted it to the flash portal. Check it out, please!

Now... the bad news.

R.I.P. Grandma Betty. You survived much longer than most people would have. Hell, you tried to escape the hospital. But in the end, you went on into the great change of perspective that is afterdeath. I miss you, Grandma. Plus, you made it to your birthday on Thursday. We were really proud of you.

She had a heart attack on Sunday morning, but thanks to the quick actions of my family and the paramedics, she made it to see her 71st birthday on Thursday.

At one point during her stay in the hopsital, she tried to escape by swinging her legs over the bed, and trying to get out. After sedating her, they gave her a wrist band labeled, "FALL RISK". It was like her little trophy of badassery. She would continue this badassery by dying in the most badass location I can think of: a helicopter.

R.I.P. Grandma Betty. I will always miss you.

Here is a picture of the card I made her for her birthday.

New Movie out now. And Bad news.

Voice Actors Needed. Deep voiced and otherwise.

2011-01-10 13:48:00 by Mr-No-Name

Auditions are currently closed. Sorry.

So, I've penned the script and I've tried doing the voices myself, but there are two problems:

1. I suck.
2. My microphone sucks.

I'm looking for about three voice actors for this:

One of the VAs must have a deep voice for narration.
The other three can use any voice they have, granted that they are good.

You will be allowed to ad lib your script a bit, but just a bit. I'll require a voice sample before you have the part; like an Audio Portal submission, a submission on newgrounds, or you can e-mail me a voice sample.

The movie will be a satire on the TSA, as a heads-up.

Please, voice actors of newgrounds, I need your help.

Confirmed Roles:
Narrator - FrankNice
Intern #1 - Fthreat
Intern #2 - TsukiSama87
Intern #3 - Claus1989

Turbo shiatzu

2010-12-14 14:02:00 by Mr-No-Name

No idea what that means.
Wrote up a sample script for a christmas movie I wanna do. Gonna have a friend look through it and make it suck less. Voice acting and animation await.


2010-11-27 17:29:35 by Mr-No-Name

Well, shizz, I may be doing ROTC instead. So I might still be around for another 4 years until I go into the Air Force. Also, I won't be doing the thing I mentioned earlier. I'm not good when I plan stuff out.


Caps lock. Cruise control for cool.

I leave you now with a picture I drew for you.


Air Force

2010-11-17 13:35:19 by Mr-No-Name

Okay, so I took my ASVAB yesterday and got a really high score.

I'll be leaving for the Air Force some time in January, but until then I will be working on the last flash I'll be able to make for some time. It'll be like a journal of sorts. On random days I'll make a short animation and then add it to the larger movie that I'll be submitting to newgrounds on New Years Day.

Today I'll be working on the preloader and stuff, but by the time it's January 1st, you guys will be watching my greatest movie ever. It'll be like what I wanted Random Thingy to be, but couldn't because I was half-retarded. I'm smarter now and I want to make this my "I'll see you later, much later." song.

So, keep a look out for advancements in my movie. I'll be posting whenever I feel like it.

P.S. I miss your titties, Newgrounds.

Air Force